[VIDEO] Boxer Manny Pacquiao's Tribute to NFL
North Carolina A&T Impressive in Debut
Rams Cut Michael Sam
Preachers of L.A. is Back
Hillary Clinton on Ferguson Shooting
Angels Walk-Off Against Oakland
Police Brutality Lawsuit in Ferguson
Movie Academy to Honor Harry Belafonte
DWTS Makes History With Black Dancer
Black College Football Weekly 2014: Week #1
NFL Preseason Wraps Up
Jackie Robinson West Honored in Chicago
Cruel & Unusual Punishment Case in Spotlight
Mariah Sets Nick Straight on Divorce Chatter
OPINION: Black Family Destabilization
American Militant Confirmed Dead in Syria
Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon Suspended
Morgan State Football Player Dies
ISIS and Hip Hop: Is There a Connection?
Ludacris Wins President's Award
Kevin Love Officially A Cleveland Cavalier
Obama to Terrorists: 'Justice will be done'
Montel Williams on Veteran Affairs
Author Jamaica Kincaid's American Book Award
Brown Laid to Rest Amid Calls for Justice
NEW AUDIO: Gunfire During Ferguson Shooting
President Orders Spy Planes Over Syria
Rapper Young Jeezy Among 6 Arrested
Soldier Dies After Shooting Herself in VA
Is the U.S. Ready for the Grand Jury Decision
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Money Matters September 02, 2014

Alfred Edmond, Jr. keeps your money secure...

Hollywood Live with Tanya Hart September 02, 2014

Tanya Hart reports on the latest from the world of celebrity news and gossip...

Digital Lifestyle September 02, 2014

Mario Armstrong gives you tips and tricks of the latest gadgets...

HealthWatch with Dr. Ian Smith September 02, 2014

Dr. Ian Smith gives professional medical advice...

White House Report with April Ryan September 02, 2014

White House Correspondent April Ryan gives updates from Washington...

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News in a Minute - 8pm Edition
Vicki Cohill
September 01, 2014

British Prime Minister David Cameron proposes seizing passports of suspected ISIS militants, and the annual Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $52 million!

Sports in a Minute - Afternoon Edition
Ty Miller
September 01, 2014

Giants on a hot streak in Major League Baseball and North Carolina A&T and Texas Southern among Sunday's college football winners.

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Riding ride with her twins at Disney Park, Mariah Carey tweets, "It's a small small world!" @MariahCarey

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