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Corporate Sales & Marketing

Howard Eisen 
President, Network Sales
[email protected]

Basil Murrain
Vice President, Marketing & Promotion
[email protected]

Barry Feldman 
Vice President, Research
[email protected]

New York Office

112 West 34th Street
Suite 1403
New York, NY 10120
(Tel) 1-212-883-2100
(Fax) 1-212-687-3792

Andy Anderson 
Vice President, Sales, Eastern Region
[email protected]

Isaiah Bryant
Account Manager
[email protected]

Atlanta Office

P.O. Box 1492 Austell, GA 30168
Telephone: (732) 309-0301

Tanya Forrest Hall 
Executive Sales Director
[email protected]

Chicago Office

1200 West Monroe Street Unit 412 Chicago, IL 60607
Telephone: (312) 558-9090
Fax: (312) 558-9280

Stephen Bates
Executive Sales Director, Western Region
[email protected]

Detroit Office

1133 Whittier Road, Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-1410
Telephone: (313) 885-4243
Fax: (313) 885-2192

J.D. MacKay
Executive Sales Director
[email protected]

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