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American Urban Radio Networks, one of only seven network radio companies in existence and the only African-American owned network radio company, is celebrating nearly 40 years of broadcasting news, music, sports, information and entertainment programming. What started out over three decades ago targeting Black America not only maintains its core African-American audience that continues to grow, but crosses over to the urban mainstream as Americans further embrace what pertains to persons of all American heritages.

Back in 1972, Mutual Black Network and Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation were formed - and a year later, the National Black Network. Sheridan Broadcasting soon bought the Mutual Black Network to create Sheridan Broadcasting Network, leaving only two black network companies. By 1978, SBN had 91 affiliates and revenue of about $3 million a year - placing it just slightly ahead of its rival network, NBN which had 80 affiliates and earnings of about 2.5 million. In 1991, in what was the biggest deal in the history of Black radio, Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation came together with National Black Network to form what is now American Urban Radio Networks.

AURN produces more urban programming than all other broadcasting companies put together; that's in television, cable, and national radio.

Currently providing over 200 weekly programs to more than 300 affiliate radio stations, AURN has the satellite capacity to reach over 94% of the U.S. African-American population (Source: Estimates are derived by ACT 1Systems based on Arbitron)- the broadest reach of the African-American marketplace of any media, more than the CW Network, CNN, TBS, BET and many others. AURN reaches more African-Americans in morning drive, 18-49, than the Today Show, Good Morning America and The Early Show….Combined. (Source: 2006 Spring Mediamark Research Inc.)

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