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Urban Shots of the Week 02/23/15 | Monday, February 23, 2015

  • Tyler Perry's House of Payne Actress Demetria McKinney Sunday at the sneak peek of WE tv's upcoming "Cutting It in the ATL" at the 68th Bronner Bros. Beauty Show.

  • "RHOA" star Claudia Jordan among thousands who attended the 68th Bronner Bros Beauty Show on Sunday. Attendees also got a chance to meet the ladies of WE tv's upcoming reality show "Cutting It in the ATL."

  • The newest ladies to land on reality tv. On Sunday, the cast of WE tv's upcoming "Cutting It in the ATL" gave attendees of the 68th Bronner Bros. Beauty Show a sneak peek of their new show. Cast members: Beautii Joseph (Owner - Spoiled Opulence), Maja

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