Are We Using Too Many Antibiotics?
Franklin takes on Hollywood as a Christian
Rihanna to Star in New Animated Flick
Rev. Jackson: Building on LBJ's Legacy
It's Time For The Playoffs
Minority Owned Car Dealerships are Down
National Donate Health Month
McAllister Minute: 'Social Challenges'
Russell Simmons is Hiring...Interns
KKK Members Were Afraid of Kansas Shooter
Ferry Full of High Schoolers Sinks
Harvard Admits Record Number of Blacks
Police Investigate Death of Grambling Student
Obama Has Silent Moment for Boston Bombing
First Lady to Participate in Escape to Mecca
Biden Praises 'Courage' Of Bombing Survivors
Sean Combs to Speak at Howard U. Commencement
[VIDEO] Crews, Costner, P. Diddy in Draft Day
Nigeria Explosion Death Toll Rises
Jackie Robinson Day
Remembering Boston Marathon Bombing
Jackson's Mother to Pay $800K in Legal Fees
Political Jones Report: 'Paid'
Last Minute Tax Filing Tips
Obama Hosts Easter Prayer Breakfast
Officials ID Suspect in Attack at Jewish Site
Florida Governor to Sign 'warning shot bill'
Belafonte Settles with MLK Jr. Estate
President Speaks at Sharpton's Convention
Outkast Reunited After Ten Years
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Money Matters April 18, 2014

Alfred Edmond, Jr. keeps your money secure...

Hollywood Live with Tanya Hart April 18, 2014

Tanya Hart reports on the latest from the world of celebrity news and gossip...

HealthWatch with Dr. Ian Smith April 18, 2014

Dr. Ian Smith gives professional medical advice...

Digital Lifestyle April 18, 2014

Mario Armstrong gives you tips and tricks for your gadgets...

White House Report with April Ryan April 18, 2014

White House correspondent April Ryan gives updates from Washington...

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News in a Minute - 8pm Edition
Vicki Cohill
April 18, 2014

Keystone XL pipeline supporters denounce latest delay, and Scandal's Columbus Short served divorce papers & restraining order by his wife who alleges he threatened to kill her.

Sports in a Minute - Afternoon Edition
David Perkins
April 18, 2014

The latest on the NFL concussion lawsuits and the NBA playoffs are here.

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