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Miriam Carey's Family Speaks Out

UPDATE: 10/7/13 8:24AM

(AURN/AP) -- The sisters of a woman fatally shot by police in Washington after she tried to ram her car through a White House barrier say she wasn't delusional and suggest she have been fleeing danger when she was killed.

Mariam Carey

Valarie Carey said in an interview on NBC's "Today" show on Monday that perhaps her sister, Miriam Carey, was afraid and fleeing with a 13-month-old child in her car when she was killed on Thursday.

Another sister, Amy Carey-Jones, suggests police overreacted or were negligent.





VIDEO: Sisters of Mariam Carey say she didn't deserve to be gunned down.





10/4/13  4:59AM

(AURN) -- The woman who tried to breach a White House barrier, and lead authorities on a high speed chase to the Capitol has been identified as 34-year old Mariam Carey of Stamford, Connecticut. 



According to reports, Carey's boyfriend notified authorities last year to report that she was 'delusional' and believed that President Obama had the city of Stamford on lockdown; and she believed that she was under electronic surveillance.  Carey was also said to have been suffereing from postpartum depression.

She was shot by police and later died at an area hospital.  Her 1-year old daughter who was in her car when the incident first unfolded, was pulled from the car by police at some point into the altercation.  She is now in protective custody.            

(Mariam Carey/Facebook)      


VIDEO: Capitol Hill police chase & gunfire caught on camera.

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