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Autopsy Says Teens Death Not Accidental

(AURN) -- AURN first reported last month the case of Kendrick Johnson, a Georgia teen who was found dead back in January in a rolled up in a gym mat at Lowndes Country High School.  The initial autopsy report performed by a Georgia Bureau of Investigation medical examiner claimed Johnson became stuck when reaching into the gym mat to retrieve some clothing and became asphyxiated, smothering himself to death upside down.   

Johnson's parents, Jaquelyn and Kenneth, were suspicious of the story painted by local authorities and requested to have their son's body exhumed from Sunset Hills Cemetery in Valdosta, Ga. for a second autopsy. On May 1, a judge granted the Johnsons' request to exhume their son's body for the purposes of a conducting an independent autopsy at their expense.

The second examination was conducted by Dr. William R. Anderson with Forensic Dimensions in Heathrow, Florida. This time, Mr. Anderson found that the teen died of "unexplained, apparent non-accidental, blunt force trauma." In addition, the new report revealed that all of the boy's organs including his heart, brain, lungs, and intestines, everything from his skull to his pelvis, were missing and his body was stuffed with newspaper. 

The state of Georgia says the organs were given to the funeral home who has not commented on the matter.  After completing the autopsy Anderson had this to say: 

"This is unexplained -- most very, very likely inflicted, as opposed to something he caused himself, inflicted by another -- and therefore needs to be investigated as an open homicide investigation," Anderson added "I've never had a case that I can recall where the prosecution actually was told that this may well be a homicide -- the prosecution being the state, the police and so forth -- and then they didn't bother prosecuting. It's mystifying," he said.

Anderson's finding supports the narrative of the initial patient care report, written by EMTs with the South Georgia Medical Center Mobile Healthcare Service on January 11, the day Johnson's body was discovered. That report said, "bruising noted to the right side jaw."

Johnson's parents have since began an awareness campaign to shed light on the case and demand justice for their son.

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