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9-Year Old Stowaway Taken From Parents

(AURN) -- Remember the story about troubled Minnesota 9-year old boy who somehow managed his way onto Delta Airlines flight to Vegas without a ticket earlier this month?  A judge has ruled the boy should live away from his parents for now, while all receive therapy.

A petition filed by a Hennepin County, Minnesota children's services agency says the child has serious behavioral issues.  He's stolen a truck, been suspended from school and repeatedly runs away from home.

9-year old stowaway's father and spokesman


The boy's father--who has yet to reveal his face or name--says the family's numerous attempts to get help for the boy proved fruitless.  

The child got by security at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport  airport Oct. 3 and wound up in Las Vegas, a day after going out of his house 'to take out the trash, according to his father. 

As AURN's Cynthia Levy reported last week, the boy's father--who has not been identified--says he repeatedly sought help for his son but no one helped.

(Photo: The unidentified father of a 9-year-old stowaway (left) sits next to spokesman VJ Smith of Mad Dads, Oct. 9, 2013/The Star Tribune/David Jones/AP)

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