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Two States Opt Out of Health Care 'Fix'

President Obama speaks the Affordable Care Act in the White House briefing room, Nov. 14, 2013. (Photo: Charles Dharapak/AP)

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(AURN) -- Hours after President Obama announced a proposed 'fix' to millions of Americans being canceled from healthcare policies because of his signature health care law, two states rejected the plan.

The president on Thursday offered insurance companies an option to keep offering consumers plans - for one year - that were otherwise on the chopping block for failing to meet requirments of the Affordable Care Act.

So far, Arkansas and Washington State have rejected President Obama's proposal.  

The Washington State insurance commissioner telling the Associated Press, “Trying to do what the president has proposed would be very disruptive to the insurance market in the state of Washington so no,we will not be allowing insurance companies to extend these policies.” 

Congressional action may be required to keep state insurance commissioners from opting out.

Meantime, The White House has promised to veto, a move by House Republicans to allow insurance companies to continue to offer policies that don't meet the requirements of the new health care law.  The bill passed with 39 Democrats siding with Republicans on the measure.


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