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President Offers Condolences to Ferry Victims

President Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye attend a joint news conference in Seoul, South Korea. The President offered words of condolence for the ferry disaster victims and the people of South Korea. (AP Photo)

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(AURN) -- In one of his many roles, the 'Consoler-in-Chief" offered support and condolences to survivors and victims of the capsized ferryboat that sunk off the coast of South Korea earlier this week.  So far, the ferry disaster has claimed the lives of 180 people, but many bodies are still missing.  The ferry was carrying 500 people, including high school students on a field trip.  A criminal investation is currently underway in the small nation. 

President Obama made comments during a joint press conference witht his South Korean counterpart, President Park Guen-hye, as part of his 4-nation Asian tour.  

Among other comments, the President Obama, reacting to threats from North Korea to conduct its fourth nuclear test, said it may be time to consider further sanctions "that have even more bite." The president acknowledges there are limits to what impact additional penalties can have.

President also says the United States and European leaders are laying the groundwork for sanctions against sectors of Russia's economy if Moscow launches a military incursion into Ukraine.


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