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Some Haitians Get 'Raise' to $5.68 Per Day

"If we are serious about assisting this devastated land we must stop trying to control and exploit it." ~Peter Hallward/The Guardian

Haiti t-shirt factory workersWorkers stitch Hanes tee-shirts at a factory in the CODEVI free trade zone in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. (Photo: Jude Stanley Roy/IPS)

(AURN) -- As President Obama and Congressional Democrats continue to push for a minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour, Haiti has taken a small step to improve the lives of some of its low wage workers.  

Some 29,000 workers who sew together T-shirts and other clothing in the country's apparel factories will see a 25% increase in their pay, to $5.68 per 8-hour day.

The increase falls way short of the $11.36 per workday that protesting garment workers have demanded.

Low wage Haiti workers making Old Navy t-shirt        Textile jobs, such as making Old Navy shirts in Port-au-Prince. (Richard Mosse/TIME/Google Images)

Haiti's Parliament last approved a raise in the minimum wage in 2009. That increased the daily rate from about $1.50 to around $4.50 over a three-year period.

Last year's inflation rate in Haiti was 3.2 percent.

Meantime in an article dated January 2010, The Guardian's Peter Hallward documents the U.S. role in Haiti's plight, writing:

"If we are serious about assisting this devastated land we must stop trying to control and exploit it."

And, an recent article from the AFL-CIO titled The Fight for Fair Wages in Haiti Continues cites more troubling stats for workers in the region.  



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