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Mike Epps Calls Kevin Hart 'Overrated'

Kevin Hart and Mike Epps

(AURN) --  Comments made by comedian Mike Epps have Kevin Hart's Twitter feed all fired up.  Last Friday during a radio interview with "DeDe In the Morning" in Dallas, Epps said that Hart was "one overrated comedian."  In fact, Epps had a whole lot to say about society's current comedic experience.

"One thing about Hollywood is, if you're in a movie and you're good in it and it don't make money, guess what? You won't get recognized," said Epps, who is known for his roles in the "Friday" film franchise.

"But it's a lot of bad movies that comedians get in and they're not good in them and they make money, and then people just keep putting them in movies."

"In this business right here, guess what -- sometimes marketing can be bigger than talent. This business is not about being funny. This business is about being forced on people," Epps continued.

"You could be forced on people and then you can be really, really funny. If the business was based on being funny, wouldn't none of these suckas be in it. If this business was based on being handsome, wouldn't none of them [...] Everybody that's rich is ugly. From the athletes to the actors, to all of them. If this business was based on being handsome, I would have a billion dollars."

In response, the "Laugh At My Pain" stand-up comedian took to Twitter with the following comments:





In 2011, Kevin Hart's one-man, two-day show in Los Angeles netted over $1.1 million, surpassing Eddie Murphy's long-standing ticket sales record.

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