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Wendy Williams' Take on 'ElevatorGate'

Wendy WilliamsWendy Williams (Photo: Wendy Williams Show/YouTube screenshot)

(AURN) -- The self-proclaimed 'queen of all media' is serving up scandolous theory on why Beyonce's little sis went postal on her rappy hubby.   Wendy Williams offered her two cents on the situation during Tuesday's segment of Hot Topics on “The Wendy Williams Show.

Williams initially said:

“I will just say, that people have been speculating and saying, ‘Why didn’t Beyonce get in the middle?’ In my mind, Beyonce didn’t get in the middle because Solange was probably attacking him over something he knows he was dead wrong about,” the talk show host declared. “And therefore, sister [Beyonce] didn’t get in the middle. And a lot of people are also saying, ‘Jay Z really held his head because real men don’t hit girls,’ except there’s some footage online of Jay Z hitting a female fan back in the day. Allegedly…”

But, it looks like the Williams has changed her tune, amid reports that Jay Z and Solange were spotted shopping for jewelry together in New York City.

Wendy Williams' Theory On The Solange, Jay Z Feud Is Too Juicy For Words


Meantime, the leaker of the controversial hotel security footage has fired.


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