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UCLA Settles Racial Profiling Case

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham III (Photo: LA Times)

(AURN) -- Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham, a former president of the L.A. Police Commission, has settled a lawsuit against UCLA, alleging racial profiling and mistreatment by campus police.

LA Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham IIIUCLA has agreed to pay $500,000, including $350,000 in scholarships in connection with the incident which occurred during a traffic stop last year, according to the LA Times. 

The $10-million lawsuit filed in January alleged that Cunningham was  “shaken, battered and bruised” during the Nov. 23, 2013 traffic stop in Westwood, just seconds after leaving an LA Fitness gym.

The lawsuit stated that officers shoved him against his car, handcuffed him and locked him in the back seat of a police cruiser until a black sergeant arrived.  Cunningham alleged that the only explanation for the conduct was “his African American race,” and that he was not even close to university property.

As part of the settlement, Cunningham and his attorney will receive $150,000; additionally, $350,000 will establish a scholarship fund named after Cunningham -- administered by the UCLA Black Alumni Association for undergraduate or law students.  UCLA has also pledged to improve training for police on diversity and to hold a community forum about relations between police and the public.

In a joint statement.  UCLA and Cunningham said they “have a mutual desire to use this as an opportunity to deepen understanding, raise the quality of police-community interactions and provide positive outcomes that enhance diversity and opportunity in our community.”


(Photo: LA Times)


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