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McAllister Minute: 'Lost Generations'

Lenny McAllister

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McAllister Minute with Lenny McAllister

"Lost Generations"

By: Lenny McAllister, Republican Strategist

Lenny McAllister is a talented media personality, public speaker, writer, author, and rising leader that has “… a mission to make positive changes to the status quo within politics, societal matters, and other issues that hamper our American way of life …”

After his successful stint as host and producer of the shows “Launching Chicago with Lenny McAllister” (which aired weekdays at 5 AM) and “LCWLM – The Big Show” (aired Saturdays at 1 PM) on WVON 1690 AM Chicago, Lenny is featured on leading national cable news programs offering an insightful look into modern conservative thought.

Lenny has been featured at Tea Party rallies and other conservative events from Springfield, IL to Boston, MA, Phoenix, AZ, and points in between. The author of the books, “Diary of a Mad Black PYC: Proud Young Conservative,” “The Obama Era, Part I (2008-2010): Diary of a Mad Black PYC (Proud Young Conservative),” and “Spoken Thoughts from an Amalgamated Advocate in Today’s America: (Political, Social, and Civic Reflections from a Dedicated American), he is a “rising star” among the Republican grassroots, political insiders, the commentary community, and much of Black America, primarily for having uncommon passion for urban constituents and conservative compatriots alike.

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